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Local Authors and Writers Program
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Literacy Outreach Program 501(c)3
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Birthday Party Rental Information
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T.B.S Membership Information 
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Book-A-Month Club
All proceeds from The Book Store go to Literacy Outreach which is a 501c3 organization.  Through the Literacy Outreach program we are able to donate books to underfunded classrooms and libraries throughout Ohio.                                              READ MORE
Are you looking for a space to host a birthday party, painting party, club or meeting.  We can accommodate up to 50-75 people.  If you are interested in renting our space for an event please contact us today!                                               READ MORE
Looking for a unique gift.  Try our Book-A-Month Club. You can sign up for one month, 3 month, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.  Every month our talented staff will hand pick a book, based on the criteria you provide, and mail it to your loved one.       READ MORE 
For only $9.99 you can join our membership program for life!  You will receive a really cool book tote bag and special discounts throughout the year off of books as well as some other cool giveaways.  
                                                                               READ MORE 
If you are a local author and would like to sell your book on our dedicated site for local authors as well as in our store, contact us today!
                                                                               READ MORE 
If you are a local crafter or artist and would like to sell your unique, high quality original items in our store, contact us today for more information and an application.                                                       READ MORE                                                               

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